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Neuweiler AG
Neuweiler AG


Neuweiler AG is

  • a production facility for large welded structures made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum with a precise mechanical finishing
  • an engineering company in the fields of environmental technology, container handling equipment and marina equipment
  • a metal construction company


Neuweiler AG is an old family ownd company located in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, at the lake of Constance. The company was founded in 1833 by Konrad Neuweiler and is today under the direction of Christian Neuweiler in the fifth generation. The company now has a production area of 6000 m² and has 70 employees, including 10 apprentices.


Neuweiler AG is welding and machining components, for example boogie frames and vessels, up to 9 m in length and 10 tons weight of steel, stainless steel and aluminum requiring approval by ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, EN 15085 CL1, AD2000, TÜV / SVTI and DIN 18800 on welding robots and mechanical machinery.

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